Regional Council

Our Story, Our Plan

client: Hawke's Bay Regional Council
agency: Thinksmith - Stu Wilkinson
project: Our Story - consumer engagement video
industry: Local government
delivery: Video for presentation, online and GiggleTV
Apr 2015.
“Hawke’s Bay has its own unique story. It’s a story of a region which stretches from the mountains... to the sea. ...A story of both rural and urban lifestyles... outdoor activities... And it’s the collective stories of everyone who lives and works here in Hawke’s Bay.”
Designed for Hawke's Bay Regional Council to engage with the public, seeking feedback and submissions on the council's long term regional plan. Presented via public presentations and online.
My role was to concept and storyboard the script and existing illustrations into a moving story, adding more illustration where necessary, produce full animation, include voice, music, and composite to final output.
Thank you to Stu Wilkinson of Thinksmith for such a cool project.

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