Beard Brothers

Building an FMCG brand

client: Beard Brothers
agency: Tom Allan
project: Brand building
industry: FMCG
delivery: Packaging, Advertising, Social Media, In-store displays & posters, Vehicle livery, Website and more.
date: 2020 - ongoing.

Beginning with product packaging in early 2020 for Beard Brothers starting range of sausages and patties, we’ve worked together on many evolutions of packaging and new products, along with multiple projects working to build the Beard Brothers brand in-store, online and everywhere else possible.
Now a massively successful product range available in over 200 supermarkets nationwide.
creative direction: Tom Allan
design and art direction: Kristi Drain
production artwork, photo compositing: Kristi Drain
photography and videography: Tom Allan & Kristi Drain
animation and video production: Kristi Drain
website build: Peter Diack

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