Museum & Art Gallery

Roadshow Presentation

client: Hawke's Bay Museum & Art Gallery
agency: Band
project: For Us Roadshow
delivery: Projected
Nov 2011.

In 2011 Hawke's Bay Museum and Art Gallery (HBMAG) was to close it's doors to an extensive collection, to enable a massive $18m development project. Whilst owned by the people of Hawke's Bay and administered by the Napier City Council, funding from National and local government was not enough for this ambitious project, hence the need for a crowd sourced funding model from the community that it serves.
This is where Band and Flip came in, to produce brand and marketing collateral to create awareness of the project and attract funding from mostly local donors. As the collection would be unavailable for two years during packing, removal of collection, demolition, build and re-housing, we wanted to take the collection to the people, and in doing so, ask that they donate to the project.
We created a presentation that could be taken to the streets, projected across roads and car parks to the sides of buildings, with dynamic content that would ignite a passion for the value of the collection. This was mixed with a live dynamic animation, or "living artwork", whereby when a financial donor pledged support and supplied their name, within a minute their name would be added to the animation of names that formed the structure of the building on the screen in front of them. Art and history from the collection is presented within visual picture frames in a carousel structure.
My input was the creative concept for how to deliver this mix of content, creative direction, technical direction, design, artwork creation and production, animation of the brand and introduction components, outsourcing programming, technical lead and less intensive programming.
All content is dynamically loaded and animated in 3d space, called from an xml database, using flash and actionscript 3. This was a collaborative effort with the programming for the "living artwork" created in Scotland and the dynamic content programming created in Auckland. Note that this was not a video. This video is a screen capture of the dynamic presentation running. There are few initial donor names to start with when this example video capture and edit was made, hence it's light on names. The entire sequence was a 12 minute loop.
design & art director: Kristi Drain
producer: Kristi Drain
actionscript3 programmer: Andrew Johnson

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