District Health Board

Website, Intranet, Wayfinding

client: Hawke's Bay District Health Board
agency: Band
project: Our Health Website
year: 2015

A collaboration of agencies Band, Flip and NZ Digital. Our brief was a user friendly website design and build encompassing a ‘whole of health sector overview’, specifically for use by community, consumers, patients and their families. To Provide a simple, fresh point of reference for all health information for Hawke’s Bay consumers, and one point of reference for all health needs.
The scope of content was large, so design needed to be clean and simple, delivering an intuitive user experience. Design agency, Band, had recently created the Our Health brandmark. This gave us the core colour palette and references to styling.
The result – Since the launch in 2015 this site has delivered a positive service to the community it serves. 138% increase in website visitors; 95% increase in page views; 38% increase of time on site.

project: Way-finding
year: 2015 - 2017

Multiple projects over 2 years with a goal of improving way-finding for staff, patients and public across multiple healthcare sites, some of which are very large and complicated, as hospitals tend to be.
We created a new design system for external and internal signage that could be applied to numerous sites and buildings, keeping it simple and on brand. 
Extending the way-finding project into other tools for staff and public, we created maps for print and online. The first is part of a campaign encouraging staff to walk, cycle or take public transport to and from work. The second is for staff and public, mapping services for ease of locating on site, including finding car and cycle parking appropriate to hospital service locations. 
project: Our HuB Intranet
year: 2017

Redesign and build of the district health board intranet. This is a tool used multiple times daily by over 3,000 staff. Complexities abound with security, access, usability, customisable content by user … and so much more. User interface and user experience are critical factors in the successful uptake by users. Key requirements include dynamic and rapid search, quick access to regular tools, contacts, calendar, policies and much more, with privacy and security being critical throughout. The dashboard is customisable to the user both in content and layout priority.

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