Branding a city

client: Napier City Council
agency: Band
project: Branding Napier City Council
industry: Local government
delivery: Everything imaginable: Brand development, stationery, forms, fleet, publications, website, policy documentation, and signage for streets, buildings, parks, works and more.
date: 2016 - 2017.

With a new logo already created by Blackdog design; when we picked up this project the background reasoning and direction was already 2 years in the making. Working within design agency Band, we were tasked with developing the full suite of brand collateral across multiple business units. Starting with an organisation-wide brand audit, we created a scope of projects and priorities. 
From stationery, to clothing, to websites, advertising, policy documents, information brochures on services, internal and external newsletters, annual plan documents, sports grounds, carparks, finance, vehicles, parks, building signage, street signage, elected member documentation, sub-brands, tourism, consultation, forms, committee documents, ratepayer communications, works signage, consent applications, more forms, and on and on... and on…
Design acknowledgements to Sune Wiehahn and John Heizmann both from Band.

Napier City Brand Matrix - mapping a unified brand across many touchpoints.

Brand direction
Our logo is representative of the landscape with strong fresh colours sitting free on clear space. It is modern and progressive, with a hint of our Art Deco renaissance through the typographic style of a 1930’s inspired geometric sans serif. Our brand style is representative of our geography – the interactive between land and sea, constantly changing and dynamic, fresh and clean, vibrant and energetic. This is most obvously seen in the changing abstract shapes in our border graphic elements.
Brand elements
We keep our brand image alive with the changing and evolving graphic elements, mixes of colour within our pallette and fresh photography.
Brand guide

Brand guide.


Pieces of Corporate, Mayoral and Aquatic Centre stationery.

Various print collateral

Mixed collateral.


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