The world is swimming faster in blueseventy.

Since 1993, blueseventy have designed, tested, refined and crafted wetsuits and swimskins that transcend the confines of what is possible. In the process, they've carried world-class athletes to victory and instilled confidence in beginners. blueseventy make products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests.

I worked with blueseventy over three years on brand development, print and online advertising, website, packaging, product design, point of sale design, catalogues, signage, event booth design, animation, sales and product support tools.​​​​​​​

Magazine advertising for brand reinforcement (left); advertising new models of swimsuits available (right). 2012

Product brand design, packaging, point-of-sale

Logo animation for website 2010

Website redesign 2012

Balanced buoyancy is about creating a wetsuit that puts your body in the best position to reduce drag and increase swim performance. Just like people need different running shoes designed to work with their biomechanics, at blueseventy they understand that no two swimmers are the same, and therefore require wetsuits that are designed to address their biomechanical individuality. 

My brief : to create visual aids for point-of-sale that assist swimmers to purchase the right open water swimming wetsuit for their unique needs. In order to make that decision, they first need to understand the difference between natural and positive buoyancy, and then match a suit to their own performance level, swim distance and body position in the water. 

Sales tool for retail, tradeshows and events. Delivered on iPad, print booklet and posters.

Online advertising 2011.

Working with a truly global company with world leading products on a multitude of graphic design disciplines was fantastic, but sadly had to end when they employed an in-house designer.

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