Hawke’s Bay Clinical Services Plan

Health sector consumer engagement video

client: Hawke's Bay District Health Board
agency: Band
project: Clinical Services Plan Engagement Video
delivery: Online, Facebook, Presentation
Aug 2018.
Future planning is important to sustain a growing population and a healthier population. The Hawke’s Bay Clinical Services Plan, currently a work in progress, is being created to determine what our future health system should look like - what services will be delivered, how they will be delivered and where they will be delivered.
Part of the process in creating such a broad and far reaching plan is to engage stakeholders, from the wider Hawke's Bay health sector and regular consumers. 
This video has been produced to educate and engage, seeking feedback. Have we got it right?
script: Alastair Mackie
design & art director: Kristi Drain
​​​​​​​creative director: Alastair Mackie
director of photography: Tom Allan
illustrators: Kristi Drain & Becky Shaw-McEwen, Shutterstock
video producer: Kristi Drain
animation and motion graphics artist: Kristi Drain
audio engineer: Jonny Pipe
voice: Jemma Russell

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