Napier City

Branding a city

client: Napier City Council
agency: Band
project: Branding Napier City Council
delivery: Everything imaginable, and more.
2016 - 2017.

Napier is a city with a very well documented history. The catastrophic events of 1931 shaped the city we know today, creating a unique urban environment that has provided a domestic and international tourism proposition that has been well leveraged. In 2014 the city decided it was time has come to stop exclusively looking back and look at all of what Napier is now – a vibrant, modern, multi-cultural city that has taken the creativity of the 1930's art deco era to its heart and channelled it into all sorts of fantastic culinary, viticultural, artistic, sporting and cultural ventures.
In 2016 the Napier City Council was ready for a new brand image. Defined as needing to represent the diversity of what the city offers; reflect the changing face of council; provide a mark that can journey with council; unify and strengthen the face of council to make ratepayers feel confident; represent who and what Napier is; be broad enough to pivot into various facets.
When we picked up on this project, the background reasoning and direction was already 2 years in the making. It was sound and the logo finalised and approved. Council now required a project team capable of designing and expanding this to a full brand across a multitude of touch points. We (Band and Flip) became involved, having the resource and experience in large multi-faceted branding projects.
Brand direction
Our logo is representative of the landscape with strong fresh colours sitting free on clear space. It is modern and progressive, with a hint of our Art Deco renaissance through the typographic style of a 1930’s inspired geometric sans serif. Our brand style is representative of our geography – the interactive between land and sea, constantly changing and dynamic, fresh and clean, vibrant and energetic. This is most obvously seen in the changing abstract shapes in our border graphic elements. We keep our brand image alive with the changing and evolving graphic elements, mixes of colour within our pallette and fresh photography.
To visually map out the scope of touchpoints, we created the chart below, in it’s text site-map style. As we worked through the creative design process on many different facets, this grew to be a tool for seeing the “big picture”, checking that brand assets in different areas feel like they all belong in the same family; and a great method for presenting the brand essence to council staff.
From stationery, to clothing, to websites, to human resources, policy documents, information brochures on services, internal and external newsletters, annual plan documents, sports grounds, carparks, finance, vehicles, parks, building signage, street signage, mayoral and elected member aspects, sub-brands, tourism, consultation, forms, committee documents, ratepayer communications, works signage, consent applications, more forms, and on and on... and on…

Napier City Brand Matrix - mapping a unified brand across many touchpoints.

Brand guide.

Pieces of Corporate, Mayoral and Aquatic Centre stationery.

Mixed collateral.

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