Flip Design

Multi-disciplinary graphic design.
From a foundation in graphic design for print and emerging "new" media in the 90'sthrough print, interactive and presentation design, design direction and advertising in the 00's; to more of the same in the teens, only wiser. I'm Kristi Drain, and Flip is my vehicle for doing what I love doing, and getting paid for it. 
Collaborating with like minded skilled creative professionals to understand business problems and create stunning and effective communication design solutions is what "we" do. Achieving the desired outcome while working within the budget and other constraints of the brief is a given.
We're constantly trying to find the best way to look at, think about, and design great things. Sometimes that requires flipping things on their heads, inside out, back-to-front; always with the goal of providing the best results for our clients.
With over 20 years of design, production and art direction experience for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in many design disciplines, along with solid relationships with professionals in complimentary areas; we thrive on tackling your business design challenges, as seen in our online projects gallery.
Let’s talk about how we can help grow your business.
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