Skyline Aviation

Saving lives in the South Pacific

Skyline Aviation are New Zealand’s busiest aeromedical provider, also serving the South Pacific with aeromedical and air charter services.
We’ve been working with Skyline Aviation since 2009, developing multiple brands and designing and producing business to business communication and marketing collateral.
A business unit of Skyline Aviation, New Zealand Air Ambulance Service provide a dedicated 24/7 air ambulance service throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Design and artwork for logo, stationery, brochures, website, and aeroplane signage graphics.

NZAAS logo design conceptual - how we got from brief to finished logo.

Aeroplane signage design - from existing to new.

Photo compositing before the new jet arrived in NZ.

Samples of 2 tender proposals - print document design and production ranging from 20 - 120 pages, including lots of tables, charts, info-graphics, photography and text text text.

Brandmark for separating jet charter business from turbo-prop and rotary charter.

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